Two Tasty Tummies

My girlfriend and I love food so much that we wanted to share all our experiences with anyone that wants to join us. Be that with our reviews of restaurants, recipes we created, or just plain old food photos and ideas. I created a website with Wordpress so we could have a blog and personalised emails to make sharing our experiences much easier. I host and manage the site, as well as all social media profiles that we have.

Two Tasty Tummies

AO Construction

A local handyman approached me and asked if I could help him with getting his name out there in the digital world. I said "aye aye" and built his website to be as simple and effective as possible, which I host and manage too. This site is used to advertise his services, but also give a bit of information regarding his business and how to contact him.

A&O Construction

Mobile Apps

Android Game - Falling Stars

Falling Stars is the first game I developed. It is a simple mobile arcade-esque screen-tapping game. Stars are falling and you have to destroy them, each level more stars spawn and they get faster as you progress. There are power ups to help and hinder your progression on this infinite journey. I made use of the Unity engine to develop the game.

Get it on Google Play


Alone in the middle of nowhere

On our way to Oudtshoorn through the Outeniqua Pass we found this individual tree surrounded by a very dry area. With a bit of scouting I found this awesome angle with the cloudy mountains in the background and took this shot.

Follow the watery path

While on holiday in Sabie we were hiking through the mountains and came to a little stream in the woods. I crossed the stream and realized how natury the whole scene was, so I whipped out the camera and took this shot.

Greek feast

We had lunch at Gazi in Melbourne and ordered ourselves some Bend over Boxes and just couldn't resist so I quickly had to snap this pic right before we ravaged this meal.

Nature at work

We went on a well deserved and relaxing holiday to Knysna where we did daily walks on the beach. On the one day the whole beach was filled with snails and blue jellyfish. There was this one jellyfish that had snails on it, which really caught my attention. So I got down low and took this photo, while dodging the waves mind you.


Recipe - Mexican Taco Shells

Two Tasty Tummies created a YouTube channel and wanted to make videos of their very own recipes that they created. So I filmed the making of the recipe and edited the clips with Sony Vegas Pro to become a full yet fast recipe video for them to share on their social platforms.

Full Video


Photo Editing - Grazing

I removed the fence in the photo which was really distracting towards the beauty of the grazing horse next to the woman. Also, I enhanced the photo just a tad to really bring out the pure awesomeness of nature at dusk. I made use of ACDSee Pro 10 to accomplish all of this.

Invitation - Star Wars Party

My friend's son had a Star Wars themed birthday party and he wanted an old school birthday invitation that matched the theme. I used Krita and some free assets to create an invitation with his son's favourite character, Darth Vader, from the movies. I also added the emphasis of good versus bad in the invitation, which was the choice the guests had to make for costumes.